-Jason Davis

Here's the podcast of last night's live special edition of the American Soccer Show entitled "Bob Got Fired." Things as big as Bob Bradley getting fired don't happen too often, so Jared and I hit UStream by popular demand (meaning like 3 people asked).

Brian Sciaretta (a Twitter must-follow) from Yanks Abroad joined us off the top to give his analysis of the situation. Amazingly, this move didn't surprise Brian.

Most people think it's Klinsmann; we get Brian's thoughts on Jurgen's credentials and what the staff might look like, wonder where Bob might go, and who it might be if it's not Klinsmann.

There's a brief interlude due to some technical difficulties, and when we come back it's Jared and I giving out thoughts, taking calls, reading emails, and attempting to figure out what the hell just happened and what the hell might happen next.

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