This review originally ran a couple of weeks ago, and is being re-posted due to Storelli Sports launching their website. 

To most of us, goalkeeping looks fairly simple; stop the ball, by whatever means necessary. There's more to it than that, of course, but since keepers are mostly judged on their ability to perform that one task, shot stopping is paramount.

Protect Yourself

If you're going to stop the ball by whatever means necessary, you're probably going to want a little protection. Gloves are obvious, but it's protecting the rest of the body that has Storelli introducing new technology in their goalkeeper's clothing. With foam padding at strategic points on the body, this gear will give the keeper wearing it the peace of mind to fly into a challenge without a second thought, to dive on a loose ball not fearing a kick in the thighs or ribs, or to come out for a critical punch through a sea of swinging elbows and snapping heads.

Control The Ball

The padding isn't just for protection. With the foam cushioning the impact of the ball on the body, rebounds stay closer. Swimming around like a madman trying to corral a bouncing ball that won't cooperate happening less is a good thing for everyone involved.

Fit Matters

Storelli's equipment is snug, as it should be, while allowing for the range of motion keepers need to cover their net. The equipment breathes, meaning it is as comfortable as it can be. There's a trade-off for protection on this level.

Protection that comes from Storelli foam padding technology. You feel invincible in this stuff.

For Pros and Joes

Storelli has added a new layer (pun intended) to the keeper game with their goalkeeper protective wear. For any serious keeper, it's a must; for the casual Sunday league keeper, wearing it might save you some pain during the rest of your week.


Storelli Sports has now launched their website and are offering a 20% discount on their product line as part of that launch. Browse all the products in more detail on and take advantage of this excellent offer.

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