- Jason Davis

Saturday's performance was a disgusting display from a team ill-prepared and undermanned. So what does it mean? What was Bob thinking? What was US SOCCER thinking? Why was the United States playing Spain just a few days ahead of the start of the Gold Cup?

Money talks, of course. Jared and I roll though all of the problems with the match, both in how it played out and that it was scheduled at all. There are questions surrounding young players taking that kind of beating. Confidence is not high. I repeat, confidence is not high.

The angst level is elevated in this episode, fair warning.

Jared breaks the tension by claiming I look like some captain from the new season of Deadliest Catch. It's a short interlude.

It doesn't get any better when we debate Sunil Gulati's decision to vote for Sepp Blatter, as he announced at halftime. We let Sunil speak for himself with the audio from Saturday, and ruminate over whether his decision was the best thing for US Soccer, implications be damned. 2022 remains a carrot. Did US Soccer sell its soul for a chance at a re-vote?

We lighten it up from there, moving into Jared's hashtag gold from Friday night. This week's theme, #IfMLSWasHipHop. It's funny, funny stuff.

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