- Jason Davis

Who wants to hear Jared and I attempt to understand what happened on Saturday night while people jump in on the phones in to call for Bob Bradley's head? You, that's who.

It only seemed appropriate to take the show live immediately following the Gold Cup final, the better to capture the visceral feelings of the fans. When we made the decision to do a live post-game show in the middle of the week, we had hope that it would be a celebratory show where we could all bask in the glory of US victory over Mexico. Alas, it was not to be.

With the pain of the loss sharper thanks to letting a two goal slip away and then letting Gio Dos Santos - blech - throw salt in the would, the people were fired up to talk. We take our first call within minutes of starting the show, and everything rolls on from there.

The question of Bob Bradley's job is a running them, naturally, but we also hit on several other topics. It's impossible to deny that Steve Cherundolo's injury changed that game, and there's plenty of conversation on Bob's choice to insert Jonathan Bornstein.

It's mostly doom and gloom, as you might expect, but we try to look at a few silver linings. Freddy Adu seems to be one. There's a few minutes in there we were consider his revival.

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With the Gold Cup over and both Jared and I a bit spent from the extra shows and, dare I say, intensity of the tournament, we'll be back on our regular schedule, and to add topics to the discussion list (which has read "USMNT" and nothing else for some time now) next week.

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