- Jason Davis

Where have I been, you might be asking. What have I been up to, you've surely thought. How come the frequency of MFUSA post has so much in common with the frequency of Chad Barrett goals, you can't help but wonder.

Well, I'll tell you. There's just a lot going on that keeps me from writing here as often as I'd like. But since you don't want to hear excuses, I'll stop making them. Just look for my stuff at KCKRS and US Soccer Players and bear with me.

I have news.

As of today, Jared DuBois (my co-host) and I are no longer hosts of The American Soccer Show.

That does not mean we are ending our podcast careers, just that we won't be the hosts of that particular show moving forward. The American Soccer Show belongs to the Champions Soccer Radio Network, so the name and the hosts are necessarily separate. There was an incarnation before I took the reigns with Zach Woosley in 2009, and there will surely be another incarnation now that I'm moving on.

Because that's what this is - Jared and I moving on. Details will follow, so please keep your ears to the ground.

Let me go ahead and take this opportunity to say that being a part of the CSRN family was a great experience for me as a podcaster and soccer fan. Jared and I have nothing but good things to say about the shows on that network and the people working behind the scenes to make it go. The decision to stop doing The American Soccer Show wasn't easy.

I made some very good friends through my association with CSRN, and wouldn't trade my stint there for the world. In this case, we were just presented with an opportunity we couldn't pass up.

Keep in mind that this means there won't be an episode of The American Soccer Show next week, at least not one featuring me and Jared. We do, however, expect to record a special show that will be available here at MFUSA and perhaps one or two other places. Again, keep your ear to the ground and to our individual Twitter feeds (me here, Jared here). This is most crucial for those of you that got the show through the AmSoc iTunes feed.

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