Davis & DuBois: Free on a Bosman II

Sunday, September 11, 2011 | View Comments
- Jason Davis

Jared and I are back, with Free on a Bosman, our interim show while we build up to our new show, for which details will be released slowly over the next couple of weeks. Still with me?


In this edition, we talk 9/11 (hafta), Bobby Rhine (again, hafta), the US loss to Belgium and the state of the team at the moment, the MLS playoff picture, and more. Apparently Gooch played this weekend for Sporting Lisbon. We talk about that, too.

Please remember that the show doesn't have a regular iTunes feed while we're in the interim phases. You can, however, get the show at a long forgotten iTunes feed under the Match Fit USA banner (hey! old logo guy!) at this link right here.

Other ways to listen can be found below. Here's a half spoiler: we drop the date of our upcoming new show's debut. Woohoo.

Help spread the word on the new show by sharing this episode of the interim show via the handy sharing buttons below. You can follow both Jared and me on Twitter for further updates as events warrant.

Jason (@mfusa) on Twitter

Jared (@jrodius) on Twitter

Download it directly
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