Eric Wynalda Heads to Mexico

Tuesday, September 28, 2010 | View Comments
April 17, 2010; Carson, CA, USA; Eric Wynalda participates in BritWeek 2010 with Celebrity Soccer Game at the Home Depot Center in Carson, California. Photo via Newscom

Eric Wynalda has never been one to sit on his hands and do nothing. Love him or hate him, Wynalda has continually put himself in the American soccer conversation because he speaks his mind, a habit that has sometimes landed him in hot water. It's a reasonable assumption that Wynalda's loose lips policy is partly to blame for the USMNT and MLS great being unable to land a coaching job in the United States.

So what did Wynalda do, after being stymied at every turn? He went to Mexico.

"My decision is to either continue to scream at the rain, or go to work," he said. "I've decided to go to work."

Wynalda has joined two year-old third division Mexican club Murcielagos (Spanish for "bats") as its president of international operations; in the role, Wynalda will be essentially act as GM, scouting for players and heading up marketing and sponsorship efforts. In comments to ESPN's Jeff Carlisle, Wynalda laid out the setup as something similar to the U-17 program in Brandenton. Wynalda indicates that heading to Murcielagos might be a nice way for an American talent to "expedite their career."

The idea that Eric Wynalda might be bouncing around the United States attempting to convince American kids to begin their careers at a third division Mexican club is an amusing one. Nevertheless, it's very possible he'll find some success. And that wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing.

The enigma of Wynalda, and just where he fits in the American soccer scene, has taken on a new element. Make no mistake: Wynalda made his own bed with regards to his reputation with MLS clubs and the US program (though he did get a short run as an assistant with the U-20s), but that doesn't mean it still isn't unfortunate that he's landed south of the border. Soccer is more interesting with Eric Wynalda as part of it.

That being said, Wynalda's time with Murcielagos may not last. He hasn't exactly proven himself likely to remain steadily employed in the same position for very long.

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