Mar 04, 2010 - Bruehl, Germany - Former german national coach JUERGEN KLINSMANN is presented as TV expert for german channel RTL for FIFA World Cup, in Bruehl.

The biggest news of the moment comes to us from Canada, where Toronto FC are reportedly on the verge of signing Juergen Klinsmann as a consultant.  Klinsmann and his California-based company, Soccer Solutions, will advise Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment on everything from the club's next GM down to playing style and academy setup.

This is a no-lose situation for Klinsmann.  If TFC turn things around and become one of the league's better team, Klinsmann will reap the reputations rewards.  If they continue as an also-ran, or if Klinsmann's recommendations fail to effect much improvement, he'll slide away unnoticed from a club that simply can't figure it out.  Blame will undoubtedly remain heaped on MLSE and the front office.  Though Klinsmann is said to be responsible for choosing the next GM, it's difficult to imagine much will stick to him.

And if it does, it still remains nothing but a consultant position.  Removed from the day-to-day operations, Klinsmann can remain in California and exert influence from afar.  If the club does become successful while his name is attached, he'll be lauded as the savior.  Low risk, high reward.

I'm loathe to go down the path that leads to a successful TFC "under" Klinsmann's watch remaining USMNT fans' replacement of choice for Bob Bradley should the latter struggle at any point in the next two or three years.  Klinsmann's hiring is troubling from that angle because it keeps him top of mind; the combination of a TFC turnaround in 2011 and less than stellar results for the US might mean the dull roar clamoring for Klinsmann to finally get his shot with the national team becomes an incessant, and supremely annoying, whine.

If Klinsmann was as driven to coach as he claims to be, he would have already taken a coaching position somewhere.  Perhaps TFC would have hired him; it's possible they approached him initially about the coaching job, only to have Klinsmann sell himself for the less strenuous consulting position.

Should TFC fans be ecstatic about Klinsmann's hiring, or wary that the move is nothing more than a bit of public flash to placate them as a fan base?

Klinsmann is a bright guy who knows the game in certain regards.  Only time will tell if that translates into something positive, from a consulting position where the lights are not as bright and the direct influence minimized, for Toronto FC.

This is unconfirmed news, for the record, and I'm unclear on whether Klinsmann will be working for TFC exclusively.  In the end, this could prove to be little more than a soccer great giving tips to a frustrated ownership in desperate need of some good PR.
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