SAN ANTONIO - MARCH 5:  Visitors walk around outside of the Alamo the night before the 168th Anniversary of the 1836 Fall of the Alamo March 5, 2004 in San Antonio, Texas. The events begin at dawn the following day to commemorate the final day of the Alamo conflict.  (Photo by Jill Torrance/Getty Images)

If you missed this news earlier in the week, a San Antonio entry will join the NASL in 2012.  We've chronicled the efforts of the Texas city to get a professional club in this space, specifically in reference to the supporters group The Crocketteers, and though it's not MLS, it's good to see a team finally arrive on the scene there.

I assume the Crocketteers will be out in force when the San Antonio team begin play (see statement below).  In the meantime, the wheels are apparently in motion to get the team up and running, and team owner Gordon Hartman has most of the details sorted.  What isn't clear yet is what the team will be called; Hartman is reaching out to the community to help with the name and colors.

The Crocketteers are excited at the latest news of a professional soccer franchise coming to San Antonio in 2012. We appreciate what Gordon Hartman’s group has done to bring the ‘Beautiful Game’ to our great city. We look forward to seeing professional soccer in San Antonio and eagerly await the day when we can bring our passionate support to the new stadium at STAR Soccer Complex.
Our goal has always been to build a passionate fan base that’s ready to support the highest level of professional soccer in our city. We are pleased to know that our passion for the sport also will help support Morgan’s Wonderland. We want to invite all other soccer fans in San Antonio to join us and ‘Cross the Line’ to support our newest professional sports team.” - Crocketteers statement, from their website

This doesn't appear to be a "name the team" contest (always, ALWAYS a bad idea), but more a general request for suggestions.

There are a million cool ways Hartman can go considering the history of San Antonio, so I hope he gets this right.  If I had a vote, I'd love to see something simple like "Alamo Soccer Club".

Prior to checking the Crocketteers website, I hadn't been sure where the new team would play; the owner is the proprietor of the mentioned STAR Soccer Complex, where appears they'll put a properly-sized stadium.  If you'll recall from my story on the Crocketteers, there was some talk about retrofitting an existing stadium currently controlled by the San Antonio school board.

If you have any more details on the San Antonio franchise, or just suggestions for a name and colors, let fly in the comments.
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