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Straw broom

A few notes worth passing along,  in regards to both this site as well as my other efforts around the web.

1. Bylines, especially the ones here in tiny print at the top of a post, are sometimes missed by readers.  In an effort to keep down any confusion and prevent something excellently done by another MFUSA contributor being attributed to me, I'm going to start "signing" shorter posts with my initials.  I haven't yet asked our other writers to do the same, but I think they'll figure it out from this post.  Longer, more involved efforts will get a byline to make it extra clear to whom the piece belongs.

2. I've started writing a weekly-ish column for; my first effort was published Monday and focused on Pablo Mastroeni's goal last week.

3. I'm also re-dedicating some of my time to the Four Four Two blog I neglected for much of the last few months.  There's a new post there as well, on why MLS needs playoffs.

4. Somehow MFUSA has been nominated for an award alongside the likes of Soccer by Ives and Daily Soccer Fix.  I'll forgo the "We're not worthy stuff" and just say that I'll let you know when the voting is open.

And now, back to our originally scheduled programming.

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