Brazil 2014: Arena Amazonia

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After the nastiness of the last few days, I've been on the lookout for a palate cleanser. I suppose the MLS Re-Entry Draft player list could have done the trick, but that felt a bit too dry. Around here, we either do lots of words or image overkill. It's time for a bit of the latter.

Arena Amazonia is one of Brazil's planned stadiums for the 2014 World Cup; built on the site of the recently demolished Estadio Vivaldão Lima in Manaus, it will hold 46,000. Construction costs are budgeted at R$ 499.5 million, roughly 300 million USD.

Brazil's stadium work has been beset by delays, but the Arena Amazonia is further along than most.

What was:

What will be:

Manaus' clubs are Nacional, Fast Club, Sao Raimundo, and Rio Negro, and América de Manaus; they may all play in the new venue at some point when the World Cup is over to better justify the cost.  The state of Amazonas is footing the bill.

For an overview of Brazil's stadium progress see this September (with late October updates) report from Portal 2014.

Insert Futurama joke here.

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