Donovan Decides Against Another Loan

Wednesday, December 22, 2010 | View Comments
If Landon Donovan is tired, and how could he not be, then staying home this winter is probably a good idea.  There is only so much life in the legs of a soccer player. Donovan's schedule over the last two years borders on insane, particularly because while he's supremely conditioned, he's hardly a young player anymore.

I'm not really sure the reasons matter.  Maybe Donovan just want to relax a bit coming out of the MLS season (and LA's trip to the other side of the world directly thereafter), which set him back on his fitness.  I don't get the feeling he'd want to head to England (likely Everton) and not be at his best.  It's not that he thought he'd still be tired in January, it's that he wasn't ready to startup the engines in December.

The response from Evertonians is fascinating.  It's a credit to Donovan and the impact he had last season that Toffees fans are so distraught; the implication that Donovan could "save their season" has even been thrown around.  That's sounds like hyperbole from this end, but what do I know. Maybe it's true.  

The reaction from non-Everton fan Americans has been almost universally supportive.  Most of us agree that another short loan, running directly into the MLS season, made little sense. Go for good, or don't go.

Donovan on Twitter:

"I appreciate all the messages. It wasn't easy because you all were so great to me in January. I hope they'll want me back in the future."

I take this to mean it was Everton or nothing; the Fulham and Newscastle rumors were just that.

I suppose there's still a chance someone swoops in and offers the Galaxy enough cash to make a permanent transfer worth their while. If Donovan is willing and a club is able, it could still happen. I'm not sold the former is true, and the latter will be affected by the asking price. The last line of his Twitter message could be interpreted as "come get me", but that doesn't seem like Donovan's style. He simply left the door open for something to happen down the road. Maybe we'll be back on the topic again a year from now.

In other Galaxy news, a new destination for Ronaldinho has popped up in the rumor mill.  We can't trust it until it is confirmed, but it would be disappointing to hear that the Brazilian magician definitely won't be coming to MLS.  The "retirement league" argument doesn't need any bolstering, but I think we could have made an exception in this case.


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