BREAKING: MFUSA Not Best of 2010

Thursday, December 16, 2010 | View Comments
US Soccer announced the final four winners of their Best of 2010 awards this morning, including "Best Blog." MFUSA did not win, nor did we finish in the money.

Really, just getting nominated is an honor and a victory, and that's not me just blowing smoke. We just passed our second anniversary, so every bit of recognition we get is somewhat amazing.

That being said, the goal for next year is make the top three. I might even push for votes a little harder (if we get nominated again of course).

Congratulations to Ives Galarcep and the Soccer by Ives team; Ives has put together a quality team of writers to go along with what he does himself, and it's a deserved victory.  Congrats to Brooks Peck for finishing runner-up, though I know he ripped the head off of his Bob Bradley voodoo doll when he heard the news.

In the spirit of moving forward and becoming a site worthy of 10% of the vote next time around, it's time to ask for your help in making MFUSA better. Things are in the works, including an expansion of our content and a new look. Don't hold us to a timeline, but those things should be in place for the 2011 MLS season.

If you have comments, suggestions, thoughts, criticisms - any feedback at all - throw it up in the comments to this post. If you have a mind to write about soccer, particularly if you would like to cover your local MLS team, shoot us an email (

Thanks to everyone for making 2010 a great year for MFUSA.

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