'Dinho and Donovan Dominoes

Friday, December 10, 2010 | View Comments

Rumors of Ronaldinho landing in LA with the Galaxy have circled back around, and I'm wondering what they mean.  The unrealized reports of the summer, when Milan was dancing a contract samba with the superstar, and the Galaxy were said to be in the contest for his services, gave a sense of inevitability to the Brazilian coming Stateside.  Sure, he could always go back to Brazil, but when AEG is involved, you shouldn't bet against them. We might not have to wait long, as LA is itching to bring the saga to a resolution.

Allow me to speculate for a moment.  I can't help but wonder if Ronaldinho's decision might have a domino effect on one of LA's current stars.  We're in the midst of Landon Donovan's brief period of rest, when the American midfielder retires to his beach-side (I'm guessing) home and ponders his winter plans.  Everton want him back, but a sequel to his short 2010 loan in 2011 seems pointless, unnecessary, and potentially detrimental.  Donovan played more soccer in 2010 than anyone has done anything else ever, or so it seems, and while only he knows just how much his body can take, it's possible he is taking years off of the back end of his career with the annual marathons.

If Donovan does want to skip across the pond to help the Toffees (or anyone else for that matter), maybe a longer loan stay or an outright transfer is a good idea.  The latter is scarcely worth mentioning, mostly because Donovan's value to MLS/the Galaxy has increased in a World Cup year while the transfer market abroad has sunk.  The League probably won't be selling, at least not at a price anyone is willing to pay.

The former is more possible, for lack of subtler phrasing, as in winning a door prize raffle at the company holiday party is more possible than hitting the Powerball number.  Perhaps if Ronaldinho does decide on the Galaxy and will be here in time for the start of the season, Donovan will be given permission to hang out in Europe for a few months more.  Maybe even until the end of the season.  Now wouldn't that be something.

Both from a starpower standpoint as well as competitively, the Galaxy should be fine with no Donovan as long as Ronaldinho is in the building.  The Galaxy want a decision now, and though that could easily be chalked up to impatience and the need to start 2011 planning, maybe Donovan's immediate future hinges on the Brazilian's choice.  Like Ives pointed out, there are salary implications to Landon abroad until July.

Just a guess.

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