Saputo Calls Out His Players

Tuesday, August 17, 2010 | View Comments
MONTREAL- MAY 7: Team Owner Joey Saputo speaks to members of the media and fans after announcing the expansion of MLS to Montreal in 2012 at the eXcentris auditorium on May 7, 2010 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. (Photo by Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images for MLS)

I don't like Joey Saputo necessarily, making allowances for the fact that I don't actually know the guy, but count me as one that can't wait for his MLS debut in 2012.

Saputo stirs the pot. As I'm on record arguing that MLS needs more pot-stirring, I'm all for Montreal's owner bringing his act to MLS. And by act, I mean things like calling out his players by name for their disappointing performance to this point in the DII season.

Saputo talks a lot. He really cares about the fortunes of his team, and he's not shy about stating his opinion. He's made the Impact successful after taking them over when things were bleak; say what you want about his style, it's hard to imagine Montreal could have a more committed champion of professional soccer in the city.

Every team in MLS is aiming for a championship when the season begins. But it's not unfair to say that some of them go at it with more vigor than others; some are more than happy just to be competitive, minimize their financial losses, and let things shake out over the course of a long regular season and playoffs. With eight playoff births available, the lack of intense pressure generally keeps things from getting chaotic; we're three-quarters of the way through the season, and only one head coach has been fired. Owners are generally patient, mostly keep their mouths shut, and never speak critically about their players in public.

Joey has a slightly different attitude.

I imagine the Impact are going to rocket into MLS with every intention of winning something in their first year. I expect Saputo will make grand statements, declare the Impact's entry as a "new era" in MLS, and spend the first season talking, talking, talking. Saputo probably won't have too many friends on the Board of Governors, and his act will surely tick some people off, but a bit more juice from someone running an MLS franchise is something I'm happily looking forward to.

I pray that MLS doesn't muzzle him. Let Joey be Joey.

If I were a fan of the Impact, or more likely of the rivals, Saputo might annoy me or cause me ulcers. But from my vantage point, 2012 and the Joey Saputo Show can't come soon enough.

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