BRIDGEVIEW, IL - AUGUST 08: Sean Johnson  of the Chicago Fire dives to make a save against the New York Red Bulls in an MLS match on August 8, 2010 at Toyota Park in Bridgeview, Illinois. The Fire and the Red Bulls tied 0-0. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

How many DPs does it take to score a goal in Bridgeview? More than five apparently, since that was the number of high-priced players who graced the field at Toyota Park in the Fire's scoreless draw with the Red Bulls.

Henry, Angel, and Marquez all played and played well for New York, though Henry was forced to come off before the end of the first half with a groin injury. Even without their DP power in full force, New York looked like the better team; Mac Kandji missed several good chances, including a Kamara-esque whiff with the ball inches from the line, keeping the Red Bulls from winning a game that was there for the taking.

Chicago was less dangerous, but had their moments. Nery Castillo made his Fire debut in the second half, and though he was clearly rusty, his skill was evident. He'll eventually make a difference.

Though the game ultimately disappointed with the goalless scoreline, it was entertaining throughout; even with en explosion of DP signings this summer, a game like that won't happen often. One can only hope any MLS holdouts that tuned in found the value in the game despite the lack of balls in the net. The 21k+ on hand at Toyota Park were vibrant and engaged, the teams created chances, and the TV presentation was solid. It wouldn't be fair to view that game as a tipping point for MLS TV ratings or casual interest, but it wouldn't be wrong to think it helped on both fronts.

Despite the star power on display, the man getting most of the attention today is Chicago's unknown rookie keeper, Sean Johnson. Johnson played brilliantly, and saved a point for Chicago by keeping New York out of the net with great saves and quick thinking. One game hardly makes a star, but Johnson raised his stock dramatically in the minds of many; after slipping in the draft due to a poor combine performance, his play is even a bit of a surprise. We might have come for Henry, Angel, Marquez, Ljundberg, and Castillo, but some of us stayed for Sean Johnson.

Both the Red Bulls and Fire will need a bit of time to full integrate their new parts. Last night was just a peek at the immediate future for each; provided their stars stay healthy, both will be forces down the stretch. Marquez's quality is evident. Henry is Henry. Angel is the best pure scorer in the league. Ljundberg has enough juice left to make a difference for the Fire, and Castillo is a supremely talented player in need of game minutes to slough off the rust. Both teams will be fascinating to watch for the rest of the season.

Despite the scoreline, the league's first 5 DP game didn't disappoint. Of course, the casual fan is left to wonder why all that star power couldn't find a single goal.

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