-Jason Davis

Here's your new American Soccer Show, with the obvious subjects covered plus a little more.

Jared and I start out on USA-Chile, covering our impressions of the match and the players that stood out (both good and bad). We hit the negatives first, then move on to the good things we saw and what they might mean for the future.

Segment two starts with an interview with Pablo Mirelles, one of the filmmakers behind Gringos at the Gate, a documentary on the intensity of the USA-Mexico rivalry. Pablo talks about the reasons for making the film, the insight it provides into the rivalry, and how its impact might have changed with the new CONCACAF qualifying structure.

If you're unfamiliar with Gringos at the Gate, here's a trailer:

Gringos at the Gate from Michael Whalen on Vimeo.

Pablo and his partners are raising money to get the film finished. See their website for more information.

After closing out the interview with Pablo, Jared and I get back into the USA-Chile aftermath. We hit some of Jared's post-game audio, examine Bradley's words on Brek Shea, and hear why Dax McCarty is Jared's new  man crush.

We close by hitting on other non-Chile news, including Americans playing abroad and a rash of goals, the unfortunate emergence of Jon Spector as a midfielder, and why American holding midfielders are the new American goalkeepers. We end with Jason attempting to explain the Division 2 mess.

Oh, and there's this, the BoonBooRee remix (download link).

Listen here:

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