Haven't done one of these in quite awhile, but here you go. A few quick hits for a Friday.

  • Ukranian-born, American-bred, former college soccer player Eugene Starikov, a player I mentioned as a USMNT dark horse candidate in October, has been called into camp. Starikov is contracted to Zenit St. Petersburg, but played most of 2010 on loan with Tom Tomsk (a Siberian club also in the Russian Premier League). I've only caught glimpses of Starikov in highlights, but the blond forward has shown some promise.  He's 22, and fits right in with what Bradley is trying to accomplish with this month's camp.

  • GolTV announcer extraordinaire Phil Schoen has some thoughts on Miami's potential as an MLS expansion market and the critics thereof. I threw my two cents into the bucket on Garber's bone-throwing trip to South Florida earlier this week, and while I still can't see Miami getting another team, Schoen adds insight and information to the debate. Let's just say it's complicated; the way the Fusion died, and the twisted perception that many fans have about the circumstances surrounding give a bit of credence to Miami as an MLS market again. Unfortunately, the somewhat unfair perceptions might ensure that it never happens. 

  • My weekly USSoccerPlayers.com column will go up at some point this afternoon. In it, I take a look at why the SuperDraft is both a blessing and a curse to MLS teams and the people making personnel decisions. I'll be back to add a link to it when it goes up. UPDATE - Here's the link

  • I'm kicking around a response to this Paul Oberjuerge blog post in my head as I type, and hope to get to it at some point this afternoon. For the time being, let's just say I don't see things in the same gloomy light Paul does, as troubling as it is that Donovan is leading the pack as the "best American player." There's a mention or two of Dempsey that needs to be made, but I don't want to give it all away.

Let fly with comments on all of that stuff - it's Friday, we should kick these things around a bit. 


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