- Jason Davis

Here's you dose of audio goodness for this week. Jared and I reconvene to hit the biggest stories of the last week. This show sets a new record for nonsense, and includes the first ever instance of singing on the podcast.

We start by talking about Archer for some reason, and make a decision on which American player is most like the world's greatest secret agent.

From there it's on to the tough issue of the scheduled USMNT game in Egypt. The questions are obvious: Is safety a concern? Can the game be kept from becoming too politicized? Is moving the game a better choice than cancelling it? Answers are much tougher to come by. A situation still in flux might ultimately determine the game's fate.

In the second segment we cover Michael Bradley's likely move to Aston Villa and the growing number of US international midfielders now playing in the Premier League. And yes, Jonathan Spector counts as a midfielder at this point.

Jared transforms into the segue machine and moves us into wondering why MLS has yet to issue a schedule or playoff format for the coming season. By dragging their feet, the League is punishing fans who hope to travel to away matches.

Another Rodius transition gets us into the GQ UK piece on the Sons of Ben and the makeup of American supporters groups.

We close in the final segment with a few notes, including the musical interlude mentioned above, the debut of an American player in Germany, and Rico Clark's broken face.

Listen here:

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