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Word out of Germany this morning is that Borussia Moenchengladbach has accepted a bid for Michael Bradley (link in German).

It's not yet known where the midfielder is headed; the club simply indicated that Bradley will leave in a press conference ahead of their weekend match with Eintracht Frankfurt, and that his new club will announce the signing.  Bradley's price tag was a reported €5 million ($6.8 million).

A scan of the news shows a wide range of possible destinations. An Italian report claims that Palermo was in the driver's seat, and that Spartak Moscow were tracking Bradley as well. English outlets are claiming Sunderland will get him, though the Premier League club has targeted other midfielders during this window in addition to Bradley. Turkey continues to come up, with Galatasaray as the presumed buyer. There's also a possibility that Bradley leaves Moenchengladbach but stays in Germany.

German sources say Bradley is sorting out the details with his new club. At least one claims the club in question is Galatasaray. If it does turn out to be the Turkish powerhouse, Bradley would be the second American to play there. Brad Friedel spent a season in Instanbul in the mid-90s.

A move to Turkey for Bradley would be mildly curious. The Süper Lig certainly isn't on the same level as the Bundesliga, though Bradley would have a much better chance at playing in European competition. The move couldn't be called a step up beyond the fresh start and increase chance at playing time a move represents.

Moenchengladbach has already signed Bradley's replacement, defensive midfielder Michael Fink, from Beşiktaş.

I'm holding out hope that the Galatasaray reports are premature, and that Bradley's destination is another Bundesliga club.


*UPDATE 1/29*
A last minute twist in the saga has Bradley headed to Aston Villa on loan until the end of the season, according to Luke Cyphers at ESPN. The report is bolstered by Bob's brother Jeff tweeting his congratulations to Michael and linking to Cypher's report.

At this point, believing anything is done until Bradley is introduced somewhere is a little difficult. Transfer craziness is why this post isn't title "Bradley to Galatasaray."

For more on Bradley's various suitors, check Greg Seltzer's update at No Short Corners.

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