- Jason Davis

America's two promising striker prospects are taking their friendly rivalry to Twitter. In the lead up to Saturday's match between Sporting Kansas City and the Red Bulls, Teal Bunbury and Juan Agudelo have a bet: the player that gets the most followers by game time will be forced to wear the jersey of the other and document it for all of Twitterdom to see.

As of this writing, Bunbury has 5,031 followers while Agudelo has 5,024. It's like they're attached at the hip, both in the minds of USMNT fans hoping they're the future goalscorers thComposee team needs and in the social media realm.

So who ya got? The hotshot homegrown product from New York or the Akron Zip playing with his dad's old club in the Midwest?

Bunbury seems to be at a decided disadvantage, being in a small market like Kansas City. Agudelo plays in New York, the media capital of the country. If we're laying odds here at MFUSA, Agudelo would be a clear 2-1 favorite to win the competition. 

Agudelo is pretty confident of his chances. 

I learned something from all of this. I learned how the kids are spelling "wak" these days.

Follow Bunbury here.

Follow Agudelo here.

I vote for everyone to follow them both simultaneously, thereby keeping the race even and leaving the outcome down to the wire. 


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