Confusion Over Honduran Matches

Monday, September 28, 2009 | View Comments
Crisis in Honduras

With the ongoing political crisis in Honduras showing no signs of breaking, confusion has broken out of the status of CONCACAF Champions League games set to take place in the country this week.

Several Spanish language outlets are reporting the the Marathon-Toluca match scheduled for Thursday in San Pedro Sula has in fact been cancelled, though Ives Galarcep says sources refute those reports.

The two CCL matches were set as a indicator of the status of the United States' World Cup qualifier; the statement was made that if the Champions League matches took place in Honduras, then the qualifier would likely go on as planned as well (looking for the source of that statement, will link when I can find it).

The obvious conclusion here is that little, if any, of the information we're getting can be trusted. The situation in Honduras has taken an ugly turn, with some of the press being censored by the ruling government; that may make getting news out of the country even more difficult, meaning that we'll be forced to wait until kickoff to be sure that the US will in fact be playing Honduras in San Pedro Sula.

The Marathon-Toluca match may, and likely will, take place as scheduled, though it still may not indicate anything about the status of the US-Honduras qualifier.

US Soccer has yet to make a follow up statement since initially confirming that they were monitoring the situation.
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