Melbourne Rectangular Stadium, under construction

Deep Cuts for Thursday, more informational than thought-provoking, though this not-really-obscure piece on diving and the psychology behind it from The Globe and Mail does get the synapses firing just a bit.

  • The United States might have one less competitor in race to host one of either the 2018 or 2022 World Cup, as Australia's bid has run up against some financial issues. Needing twelve venues of at least 40,000 seating capacity to meet FIFA requirements, state and federal governments must decide who will foot the bill and have yet to come to consensus. Worst yet, it looks like a design flaw in Melbourne's new stadium will make expanding its capacity a extremely costly project. Australia is no one's front-runner, but anything to ease the path to another American World Cup is okay by me.

  • The South African Football Association is holding presidential elections, something World Cup organizing committee chairman Danny Jordaan says won't have an effect on the tournament. Mixed in the story is a recap of FIFA's report card on South Africa's preparations, with the largest concern appearing to be transportation and accommodations. As more time has passed, the general fears that South Africa couldn't handle the World Cup have seem to have faded; it might be a bit premature, but you have to credit the South African officials for making better progress than many observers thought they could.

  • The newly minted Philadelphia Union are making a serious investment in the local community of by working towards establishing a soccer program in the Chester school district. The area currently has no soccer program, a situation the Union are looking to rectify as early as June of next year. Vice President Rob Smith is leading the club's effort, spending at much as 90 percent of his time working on the Chester program. The Union's roots will be well-established in Chester by the time they take the field if projects like this are indicative of their commitment to the area.

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