FIFA Declares Honduras Safe

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 | View Comments

FIFA, in response to protests by the Honduran federation regarding any change of venue for that county's World Cup qualifier with the United States, has declared that the game will take place in San Pedro Sula despite the current crisis.

FIFA has reserved the right to move the game if conditions worsen in the Central American country, thought this pronouncement should quell the rampant speculation that the match would be moved.

Mexican side Toluca confused matters and increased the rumors of relocation for the Honduras-US match by announcing Monday that they would not travel to San Pedro Sula to play their CONCACAF Champions League match with Honduran side Marathon, then reversing themselves later in the day when they give assurances that safety could be guaranteed.

For some US National Team fans, this news may come as a bit of a disappointment; the United States' record on the road in qualifying, particularly in Central America, is far from stellar, and a change of venue would have benefited them significantly. It's understandable then, that Honduran official opposed any suggestion that the game should be moved, and with final round qualifying for the region a tense and tight affair, every club is desperate to maintain their advantages.

The task for the Americans, beating the Hondurans in San Pedro Sula in order to complete their qualification campaign, is a tall one, and the highly contentious political situation on the ground will only make their visit more nerve-wracking.
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