MLS announced today that the 2010 season will break for two weeks during the group stages of the World Cup. Additionally, the league announced a balanced schedule of thirty games; the home and home scheduling is made possible by an even number of clubs participating thanks to Philadelphia's entry.

The two week break, a compromise between playing through the World Cup and stopping play for the full month of the tournament, will take place between June 11th and June 25th. The league has also committed to not scheduling games on the day of the World Cup semifinals and final.

MLS has long been criticized for refusing to break during international competition, particularly when the US National Team is playing; this move, while not a full commitment to recognizing the predominance of international soccer, is a clear step in the right direction. As more team-controlled stadiums come on line, the excuses used previously by the league that financial concerns dictated their playing through international breaks are weakening.

The full 2010 schedule will be released by the league early next year.

What do you make of MLS' move to break for the group stages? Is it enough, or should the league break for the entirety of the tournament?
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