Apr. 06, 2010 - United Kingdom - Football - Manchester United Press Conference - Old Trafford, Manchester, England - 6/4/10..Manchester United's Ryan Giggs during the press conference.

As exciting as the arrival of a slightly past-his-prime Thierry Henry is for the Red Bulls and MLS, there's no getting away from the fact that the league is still viewed as a retirement home for aging Euro footballers. Stars aren't going to land in the league in their prime; that's not a shot at a very young competition that will need decades to reach even moderate levels of spending and prestige, it's just a simple fact. MLS will get the occasional Beckham, Ljungberg and Henry, players who can make a decent wage while enjoying the American lifestyle, but a wave of under-30 top level talent crashing onto our shores is a long way away.

Which means we have to deal with players on the downhill side of their careers, particularly ones who come in contact with American media, being asked the usual question:

"Would you consider playing in MLS?"

The latest player to be presented with this nonsense is Manchester United star Ryan Giggs. Giggs is 36. After playing his entire career with United, appearing over 500 times for the club, and reaching legendary status at Old Trafford, there's really nothing in it for him to play one or two years in the States. I guess it would be nice if he wanted to, but as I'm mostly against MLS-as-retirement league, I'd don't really care if Giggs would or wouldn't consider it.

Which is good, because I'm not really sure which it is. Apparently he answered in some mystical mind-bending way that could be interpreted as both a "Yes" and a "No."

Soccernet says he would consider coming to MLS.

Bettor.com says he wouldn't.

Sify Sports says he would.

Sportbox says he wouldn't.

The Sun says he would.

Breaking Football News says he wouldn't.

I know the question isn't going anywhere, so as long as it's being asked, I suppose this yes/no/maybe confusion at least makes it humorous. Or not.
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