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July 22, 2010 - United States of America - Football - New York Red Bulls v Tottenham Hotspur 2010 New York Football Challenge - Pre Season Friendly - Red Bull Arena, Harrison, New Jersey, United States of America - 22/7/10..New York Red Bulls' Thierry Henry celebrates scoring his first goal.

It really couldn't have gone better for Thierry Henry and the Red Bulls last night. Sure, it would have been nice to actually win the game, but in the end losing hardly matters. Henry played, shone, and scored. Red Bull fans have to be giddy with the anticipation of letting the Frenchman loose on unsuspecting MLS defenses.

Henry didn't look slow and he didn't look rusty. The New York attack was naturally focused through him, and though that might eventually lead to an imbalance that could hurt them, it's hard to imagine any other tact. There's enough talent in the lineup in other places to make the Red Bulls supremely dangerous when Henry is on the field.

Because man, can he finish. His goal was a perfect example of that fact; after Lindpere made hay on the right, Henry got just enough of a touch to steer the cross to the far post. A thing of beauty, it wasn't. Effective? Completely. Henry will score goals in this league (duh) and he will likely score some pretty ones. But New York will benefit most from his ability to put the ball in the net no matter the "beauty" of it all.

As I wrote before the game, Henry's debut was everything Beckham's wasn't. That doesn't mean the effect will be bigger, or that Beckham's poorly handled debut for the Galaxy didn't have it's own unique positives. But Henry brings a different type of attention, and because he scores goals for living, he will inevitably show up in more places more often for what he does on the field rather than what he does off it.

Henry took the PATH train to Red Bull Arena last night without telling anyone that he was going to do so. That speaks volumes about the man's love for that town and his understanding of what being here means. He might be a cheat, but it's hard to argue that his being here isn't good for the league.

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