- Jason Davis

We felt bad that there was no American Soccer Show available for your listening pleasure on Monday. We know how many of you look forward to it. We heard your anguished cries of disappointment. We're here to make amends.

The 71st weekly episode (not counting all of the other pre-game, post-game, and interview-only shows we've done) of the American Soccer Show is set for 8 PM ET/5 PM PT tonight. We're even streaming it in case you want to listen in while it happens.

If you do want to listen live, you can do so at the UStream channel or at the "Live Podcasts" link at the top of MFUSA. Yes, we know there are MLS games tonight. We highly suggest you mute them and listen to us.

This is #LAvNY week, so expect a cockier-than-usual Jared DuBois. We'll talk about the RSL disappointment (and their hangover), the Mullan/Zakuani situation and the fallout from it, read email(s), take calls if people feel the urge, and much more. Jared's hashtag segment returns, with the intriguing #MLSTopGunCallSigns.

If you want to shoot us an email for the show tonight, send it to show@americansoccershow.com. The more the merrier. Awesome aliases highly encouraged.

Mark this down in your official American Soccer Show notebooks, synchronize your official American Soccer Show watches, turn your decoder rings to A4, and remember to check us out at 8 ET tonight.

Or just wait for the podcast to come out tomorrow. That's cool too. Feed buttons below.

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