- Keith Hickey

FIFA has become a parody of itself, a farce. By associating ourselves with these crooks and saying nothing, we are complicit in their crimes against the sport and against every fan who takes joy from it. Trusted with safeguarding the sport, they have instead turned it into their whore. I don't need to recount to you, dear readers, what they have done. We know. They know we know. And they know we can do nothing to stop them, so they barely attempt to hide their crimes. The only ones who can check FIFA's power in any way are the sponsors and the federations. Since we can hardly rely on a multi-national corporation (especially a credit card company) for an attack of conscience, the only way FIFA will change is if national federations refuse to give FIFA their support.

It's a major step. Leaving FIFA would mean no more Gold Cup, Confederations Cup, or World Cup until FIFA is reformed. No Friendlies against FIFA nations. No international club competitions. But are those worth selling our souls for? It is easy to be a soccer fan when all that requires is sitting in the sun with a beer and watching the World Cup. It's a far harder prospect when you have to stand for your principles.

Our country was founded on the idea that the strong should not trample the weak. Why should we be beholden to men with no loyalty to anything but their expense accounts, men with the audacity to spout bold lies with impunity and then laugh behind our backs about how well they've screwed us?

Would you be willing to make that sacrifice? Do you want the United States to withdraw from FIFA?
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