AmSoc 73: Wax On, Wax Off

Monday, May 16, 2011 | View Comments
- Jason Davis

Another American Soccer Show, another 80's movie reference. This is what we do. As usual, we complement our pop culture inanity with some quality soccer coverage. Since we've avoided bringing up "Mannequin" to this point in the show's history, it looks like we're doing okay.

Jared and I start out talking about the Karate Kid and an impromptu "wax on, wax off" dance the Rodius does during the open. This leads us into an explanation of The Bernie, a dance inspired by Weekend at Bernie's. Really.

On to soccer, and the most anticipated match of the weekend. The Cascadia Cup, round one. There's a lot to talk about there, and Jared and I try to balance out the negatives like the quality of play on the wet turf with the positives of the great crowd and trouble-free derby environment. The game lived up to the hype in the stands, but was a (foreseeable) disappointment on the field. We try to reason out what that means.

We drop in a few random MLS thoughts to close out part one with a flourish.

After the break, we come back to talk Gold Cup roster. We're about a week away from Bob Bradley naming his team, and there are questions in nearly every part of the team. Bob was in DC to see Charlie Davies play on Saturday; does Charlie's pulled hamstring eliminate him from consideration? From front to back, we debate who's in and who's out for this meaningful edition of the continental championship.

The show inbox filled up to unusual levels over the past week, so it felt appropriate to do an extended email segment. There are a few on MLS TV presentation, one on officiating in MLS, and an actual defense of FIFA. If you want to get your thoughts in for next week, send them along to

We close out the show with what supposed to be rapid fire hits on Americans playing abroad. Mo won a title, Gooch did not, Spector, Bradley, and Beasley could be on the move, Roma wants a Yank, and Clint is linked to a big club in France.

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