AmSoc 74: Rise and Shine

Monday, May 23, 2011 | View Comments
- Jason Davis

It's the Rise and Shine edition of The American Soccer Show. Jared and I set aside just enough time to cover the major happenings of the week wrapped around a chat with one of the people behind a soccer movie all of us should want to see released to wide distribution.

First things first. We open the show talking about Jared's weekend, which apparently involved watching My Best Friend's Wedding for reasons that are only clear to the Rodius himself. Roberts or Diaz? You decide.

It's soccer from there. We dance around the USMNT Gold Cup roster, knowing that by the time most people listen to the show, it will already be out. We dangerously hit on a few of the MLS names that leaked - let's hope we're not wrong about them. From there we delve into MLS Saturday, namely Ruiz's wonder goal, the Superclasico, youngsters struggling for playing time, and various other items I can't seem to recall at the moment. It's MLS-tacular.

Nick Lewis, alongside friend Ranko Tutulugdzija, made an intriguing documentary about the amazing rise of Jay DeMerit from obscurity in Chicago to the Premier League and World Cup. Jared and I chat with Nick about Jay's story, the process of making the movie, and the insane cost for licensing the necessary game footage to get the movie. Check out the trailer below and pledge whatever you can to help Nick and Ranko finish the process of getting the movie out to the masses.

The possibility of an American or two landing at Roma appears to be picking up steam. We touched on it last week, but with Landon Donovan declaring the transfer talk a waste of his time and Michael Bradley's agent denying any talks with the Italian club, the subject deserves another look. The most obvious question: is an American at Roma less impressive if it's just an American owner looking to sign one of his countrymen (and raise the profile of the club in the US)? On the other hand, Americans have been overlooked so often despite obvious talent that the reasons for joining a club might not be important.

We then revel in the John Spencer verbal lashing from last week - whether you agree with Spencer's take on the Sounders-Timbers game or not, it's hard to deny MLS could benefit from a little more intrigue between the games. As long as it's natural, it's good. Adding that element to the league will only make it more attractive  to a certain segment of fans, not to mention more entertaining for those of us already on board. Cascadia doesn't need the boost, but the across-the-board MLS conversation is always in need of story lines.

We close out the segment with a note on Sepp's supposed "not ruling out" of a World Cup 2022 host re-vote. It ain't happenin'.

The show finishes on a high note with the return of Jared's Twitter segment. This week's edition is the genius #ItsNotMLSUnless, a hashtag that elicited painfully funny tweets from a slew of people. Jared's segment needs a proper intro, and since I'm too lazy to do one myself, we're asking you to produce one for us. If you have any audio chops or just want to give it a try, shoot the finished product over to

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