AmSoc 60: Hitting the Trail

Monday, February 07, 2011 | View Comments
- Jason Davis

MLS camps have only just gotten underway, and First Kick isn't for another five weeks, but Jared and I had plenty to talk about. American soccer just keeps on giving.

For some reason we start with Jared's fascination with Oregon Trail being on Facebook. Never before have people been so excited to die of virtual cholera.

From there it's on to actual soccer matters, starting with a take on the decision to cancel the friendly with Egypt. The bottom line here is that the game, as good as it might be for the collective morale of a nation in turmoil, would be a distraction no one needs. American policy on Egypt complicates the situation.

We close the first segment talking Americans on loan, and specifically the two 21 year-olds who will be plying their trade in Turkey for the next six months. Jozy is obviously in the better situation at Turkish champion Bursaspor, while Freddy Adu is on his last legs in Europe with second division side Rizespor. All that matters, obviously, is that each of them play. At some point in the discussion, Jared compares Freddy to a famous hotel heiress who is only famous for being famous. In other words, Adu continues to get attention that massively outweighs his achievements. Such is the lot of America's fallen soccer savior.

We throw in recorded chat where I talk to Turkish Football Weekly host Ata Dizdar (follow him on Twitter) to get everyone up to speed on Bursaspor and Jozy prospects at the club.

Back with Jared for segment two, we bring in DC United reporter Travis Clark to talk about Charlie Davies. Will United really decline the loan? How much of Charlie in DC is about marketing, and what contribution could the team really expect should they keep him?

We say goodbye to Travis and move into wider MLS concerns like the schedule release finally getting a (much too late) date and the league over-hyping a pedestrian announcement like the site of the All-Star Game. There's a balance between trying to get as much attention as possible to sell the league and overdoing it to the point of creating a backlash. Having Donovan and Henry on a conference call about an exhibition, especially when no opponent has been announced, is overkill. By the way, where's the playoff structure?

I hit the Jrodius segue machine, and we close out the second part with a return to the supporters culture conversation from last week - one of the (unnamed) Sons of Ben featured in the story sent in an email to contradict his portrayal, so there's more to cover.

The last part of the show includes an email from a listener in Georgia (the other one), and a few news and notes. Jared thinks, rightly, that Clint Dempsey needs his own Mortal Kombat character.

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