SoB 'Stache Bash

Thursday, February 24, 2011 | View Comments

- Keith Hickey

Hey there, soccer fans! You know how the Sons of Ben are better fans than the people in your supporters group? Well it turns out they're also better people. (Editor's Note: The opinions of Keith Hickey do not necessarily reflect those of the management.)

Every fall, the Sons of Ben run a program called "Help Kick Hunger," taking donations of canned goods and money to benefit the Bernardine Center, a food bank in Chester, the city where PPL Park is located.

In addition to the fall program, the SoBs are doing a special fundraising event for the 2011 home opener. For the sake of a bad inside joke, the theme is Mustaches: The 'Stache Bash.

Featured at the Sons of Ben tailgate will be various themed carnival games; guess the number of mustaches in the jar, a mustachioed kissing booth, pin the 'stache on the Jeremy, mustache waxing, mustache painting for the non facially-hirsute, and the worryingly-named "mustache rides."

Not blessed to live in the Philadelphia metropolitan area? You can help by investing in the latest fashion. $8.50 from each shirt goes to HKH.
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