AmSoc 62: The End of an Era

Sunday, February 20, 2011 | View Comments
- Jason Davis

This is a momentous American Soccer Show if ever there was one. Jared and I cover all of the pertinent American soccer news while making references to Jim J. Bullock and shameless pleas to Bill Simmons, but the real story is the end of the era of The Ginge.

We don't start there, of course. We start with Charlie Davies' loan getting done with DC, reason out what he might have to offer a club looking to return to the playoffs, and analyze United's thinking in bringing him in. Is it worth the risk? In there somewhere is the Hollywood Square Jared is most comparable to, a mention of An Idiot Abroad (watch it, it's funny), and where one might find the makings of a homemade championship belt.

Next up, a few notes on American strikers getting injured. Jozy twisted his ankle. Bunbury did something very painful-sounding to his elbow. Ouch.


Then Grant Wahl for FIFA president talk. Jared hasn't heard my interview with Grant (shame on him), so we get his unbiased opinion on the campaign. There are a lot of questions, not the least of which is which country will step up to nominate the Sports Illustrated man for the top job. Obviously Wahl's campaign has hurdles upon hurdles, and is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but there's some serious points to be made.

Next up is Major League Soccer's newest official Twitter account, @MLSonTV. Jared and I debate the wisdom of MLS soliciting for feedback on TV broadcasts and wonder if the account will be inundated with complaints about a few polarizing individuals.

We close segment two talking about the Clint versus Stu FA Cup showdown, which leads to Jared suggesting Clint might be due for a move up in England, Freddy Adu's solid debut in Turkey's second division, and the possibilities of MLS expanding to Vegas. Besides the "surface of the sun" problem, Vegas sounds like a fine place for professional soccer.


We come back with the grand finale, the Return of The Ginge. Zach has an announcement, one that closes a chapter for the show while simultaneously starting a new one. The Ginge makes way for The Rodius.

It's time to renew your commitment to AmSoc, seeing as how this is the first show (kinda) of a new age. Send an email ( and show your support for the Rodius Era, or share your memories of The Ginge.

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