Beckham Avoids More of LA Camp

Tuesday, February 08, 2011 | View Comments

David Beckham really, really doesn't want to join the LA Galaxy for pre-season camp. Originally scheduled to return to the US to rejoin LA this week, Beckham has managed to squeeze more time out of this training stint in London with Tottenham. The club announced today that he will stay with Spurs until February 22nd, and will now rejoin LA on the 24th.

So what is it about Bruce Arena's camp that Beckham despises so much? Or is London in February just so lovely that Becks can't bear to tear himself away?

There's not much left to say about Beckham's apparent pathological need to avoid the Galaxy and MLS. We don't need anymore evidence to show that the league's first transcendent superstar signing has emotionally checked out. All of that noise about growing the game in America and helping MLS become a better league expired on the table a long time ago. A furtherance of a loan stint isn't worth getting worked up over, even for Galaxy fans.

Besides, those fans know what they'll get when Becks does finally show up. MLS camps are long enough (too long?) that Beckham will still have a few weeks to get acclimated before the Galaxy kick off against the Sounders in Seattle on March 15th. A professional like Beckham doesn't need more time than he'll get to work his way back into the squad. When he plays, there's no reason to believe that Beckham will do anything other than his level best. The only potential snag that might come with the extra time in London is greater alienation from his Galaxy teammates, but it's very possible everyone involved has reached a certain peace on that front. Beckham is such a different animal in MLS that it shouldn't be too hard for the rest of Arena's squad to just shrug off the shenanigans.

Beckham's mind is clearly on what he might do post-Galaxy. His contract ends after this season. If Harry Redknapp is serious about signing Beckham, as he may or may not have tried to do this January, then every second Beckham has in London impressing with his fitness and sublime right foot will serve him well come November..

If there's any consolation for Galaxy fans who might be upset by Beckham's disregard for pre-season in America, it's this: Beckham in a contract year, with a chance to return to Europe hanging in the balance, might be even more driven to perform than he already is.

For now, we can all agree that Beckham is being a royal putz.


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