- Jason Davis

It seems that in the interest of improving league broadcasts, Major League Soccer's broadcasting department has set up a Twitter account specifically for TV-related feedback. Under the name @MLSonTV, the account appeared yesterday with a call for any and all opinions fans might have on the way the league is presented on the magic box -  from announcers to the use of replay.

Anyone who has watched an MLS broadcast, local or national, knows there's room for improvement across the board. For the most part, MLS broadcasters have integrated American-style sports TV elements into games. All of those fans that would prefer a more European (or English) approach now have a place to make their voices heard.

Low TV ratings remain the biggest albatross around the league's neck. Giving the fans a direct channel to express their likes and dislikes on TV games is an admission that things need to get better, and a solid step in attempting to understand what the customer wants.

Here's a look at the response the account is getting so far:

Thoughts? This might seem like a small thing, a band-aid on a massive problem, but something is better than nothing. At the same time, something like this probably should have happened a long time ago.

This account is going to get slammed with tweets (mostly negative, I would imagine - there are always more critics than people ready to compliment) during ESPN and FSC matches. 

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