- Jason Davis

The new American Soccer Show has landed. Including herein is talk of Beavis and Butthead, Bill and Ted, CONCACAF's World Cup allotment, Americans abroad, an MLS impresario of whom you might not have heard, MLS announcer news, and Jared's weekly feature on Twitter comedy gold.

There's not enough time for a full write-up this week, so you'll have to make do with a condensed version of the notes.

Segment 1:

D&D, Beavis and Butthead, Bill and Ted, Charlie Sheen, remakes that shouldn't happen.
World Cup spots, CONCACAF missing out on a fourth, and an unhappy Chuck Blazer.

Segment 2:

Matthew of The Shin Guardian to talk Michael Bradley, USMNT midfield, Jozy and the strikers, March friendlies, and Major League Soccer's de facto technical director.

MLS announcers in the news - Twellman gets a gig, JP leaves ESPN for FSC, British voices, Sporting Kansas City makes an odd hire.

Segment 3:

Jared's hashtag magic, #fantasymlsnames.

Thanks for listening, talk to you next week. Send us emails, and like us on Facebook.

We're running the league through ESPN Soccernet's new MLS fantasy game "FC Manager." The group is "American Soccer Show" and the password is "theginge". Go create your team - with enough interest, we might be able to scrounge up a prize or two. We've managed to get more than 100 entires this far.

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