- Jason Davis

Recorded human history spans thousands of years. In that period, entities of all types have gone through name changes. In some cases, those changes were down to a turnover in ownership (Byzantium becomes Constantinople becomes Istanbul) or circumstance (St. Petersburg becomes Leningrad becomes St. Petersburg again). In others, it's a made of prudence. Kentucky Fried Chicken officially calling themselves KFC, for example. That word "fried" is harder to sell in a modern world. 

Names changes happen for thousands of reasons, like wanting to emulate a TV character, or for no particular reason at all. To apply the label "dubious" to a name change is to make a harsh judgement on the veracity of the change. In other words, for a name change to be "dubious", it probably comes off as a cheap ploy for attention. 

Time.com decided to rank the ten most dubious name changes (we can only assume they mean "of all time", but they don't exactly say). Included in the list are one-named celebrities (Diddy, Oprah, Usher), "Freedom" fries, and Joseph Stalin. Coming in at number ten, ahead of possibilities like Xfinity and Ronald Reagan National Airport (an airport did make the list, but it was Newark's Liberty International Airport) is the Kansas City Wizards' switch to Sporting Kansas City

That's right. On a top ten list that includes a communist dictator and a New Mexico town that changed their name just to get a game show to broadcast from there, an MLS re-brand to a Euro-style moniker makes the cut. Hey, at least Time.com is paying attention to soccer, right?

No list on dubious name changes would be complete without that of Sporting Kansas City's high-profile trialist, Chad Ochocinco. With the man formerly known as Chad Johnson set to wear a uniform with the club's new name when he plays in a reserve match later today, a historically notable moment of combined name-changing dubiousness will be on display.

According to Time, that is. 

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