Uniwatch Does MLS Redesigns

Friday, March 25, 2011 | View Comments
We would call them the "Charlie Browns"
- Jason Davis

DIY uniform redesign has become a serious Internet pastime in the last few years. It has even extended into odd imaginings of what one sport's team's jerseys would look like if they played an entirely different sport. Armed with the proper software, way too much free time and a obsessive interest in the aesthetics of team garb, fans can conceive of bold and innovative concepts unlike anything seen before.

Over at the Uniwatch blog, a venerable bastion of all things on-field fashion, MLS clubs got the uniforms redesign treatment (in two parts: Part I, Part II). Some are good, some are bad, and some are just plain confusing. 

The designs, done by someone named Lance Hall, are worth a look. In addition to the kits themselves, he managed to improve a few team logos as well. The most obvious upgrade was to the Chivas USA badge; Lance switched the seal of the city of Guadalajara for the seal of LA. It's a "duh" change, that looks fairly good in the end:

Other logo highlights include a revamp of the Crew's (better) and Revs' (worse, though I'm no fan of the current one). Of course the main event is the kits themselves, and while not all the of them are upgrades over what teams wear now (and in some cases, Lance liked the current designs enough not to mess with them very much), there are some interesting takes. If you're one of those who moans that MLS uniforms are too cookie-cutter, you'll enjoy these.

Lance likes sashes. They look strange on the United and Galaxy designs, though the Aztecs throwback is a decent idea.

One question though: is that John Terry? Was there no other easy template available?

Uni tweaks are fun. Next time, maybe Uniwatch can forgo the jabs at MLS in the intro. Sheesh - even people who don't watch soccer are Eurosnobbing it up.

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